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How to make LED signs for concerts


Anon request: A small recap w/ images of how I made my LED sign for Music Bank in Paris. I’m putting this under ‘Read More’. Strike that, Read More doesn’t work..


Materials I used:
- black cardboard
- two perfboards
- LEDs & resistors (I bought mine on Ebay, and since they came in a…

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B1A4 Fansign and My Blog Giveaway (!!!)


So B1A4 will be having 3 fansign events for August 16th (!) 12nn, 5pm and 8pm. All in different provinces (!!!) So I guess, this is the last set of fansigining here in Korea. Solo Day era is ending.

I really like to attend even one fansign event. D: I’ve been trying to get in since the past…

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The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

Stage 1: Confusion

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

So your friend sent you this funny music video, but you’re not sure what’s going on. What’s with the bright colors? The explosions? What’s with the alien-biker getup? Why is that man screaming at that girl’s butt?

Stage 2: Intrigue

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

You find yourself humming that one particular tune, so you watch the video again. And check out some of the Youtube suggestions, because they looked cool. Listen to all the Girls Generation singles, why not?

Stage 3: Denial

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

Those songs were okay…it’s not like you listened to them close to 50 times or something…have a couple of groups on your iPod. It’s funny and stuff, but you’re not into it. Honestly.

Stage 4: Secrecy

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

Okay, so you might be hooked. But you know how weird it would be to tell your friends you like Korean music now; they just wouldn’t get it. You’re just going to keep it on the down-low for a while.

Stage 5: Obsession

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

You have officially become obsessed. You’ve got your bias (or at least a few), you know the majority of the words to your favorite songs, and you have tracked down every talk show with English subs so you can see your favorite groups being interviewed. You may or may not have had a fan-freak-out moment or two. You follow all the fan blogs so you know the instant anything related to your biases is posted, even if it’s a translated tweet. Not to mention your gif collection is to die for.

Stage 6: Integration

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

You and the fandom have become one. You are embroiled in all the drama, have spent many hours defending your bias, and have even begun your own K-Pop tumblr. You’re not sure when it happened, but somewhere between posting your very first Block B gif, and declaring war against the girl who said CL “is a pathetic Lady Gaga-rip off who’s more plastic than a credit card,” you have merged with the fan community.

(Seriously though, don’t insult CL. The BlackJacks will kill you)

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

Stage 7: Koreaboo

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

It’s not just enough to be a fan anymore. You want to learn Korean, eat Korean food, watch K-Dramas, wear popular Korean clothing, even live in Korea, just to be closer to your bias. You watch all of Eat Your Kimchi’s videos to get a better grasp of the culture. None of this would be a bad thing, if you weren’t so obnoxious about it. Especially when you drop random Korean words into your sentences. Sometimes you even wish you had been born Korean. You are now a Koreaboo - the Korean version of a weeaboo. This is the low point of your transformation into a K-Pop fan. (This stage is optional.)

Stage 8: Realization

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

Someone has opened your eyes and killed your idealism. You now know that everything is a carefully calculated corporate move, from the songs, to the TV appearances, to the cutesy behind-the-scenes footage.

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

You might feel betrayed, fooled, or upset by this news. You may read this reality check blog and just can’t believe it’s true. All their songs are set up by big corporations? They’re trained for years before debuting? They all get extensive plastic surgery to look like they do?

Stage 9: Acceptance

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

You finally come to terms with K-Pop and its fandom. Sure, it’s got sasaeng fans, and the groups are designed to make tons of money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music or the people who are singing it. After all, they’re still performing it themselves. Now you can blast all the BIGBANG you want without feeling judged or self conscious.

True happiness achieved!

The 9 Stages Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan
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[TRANS] 140529 Sandeul's fancafe post: "Has everyone been doing well~??"


..yo..? (T/N: to add the honorific to his title)
Hello I’m Sandeul.
Everyone has been doing well right??ㅎㅎ
I’ve been doing well!! I’ve been eating and sleeping well so I’ve um..also put on weight…!
Anyway!! I miss everyone~!! ㅠㅠ
Does everyone miss me too~?? ^ㅡ^
I’ve heard…

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It all started on i think last week of April 2012 when my cousin @MarianneLorellee (ugh cant tag lolz) went to our house for work.
I hate the fact that I need to memorize twelve names and twelve faces. Geez. Twenty-four things all at once. When I remember those moments I can’t help but laugh, since my cousin (who likes Kai) told me to find a bias of my own instead of going after Kai too. So here I was, quietly observing/watching their MAMA MV. Kai caught my attention first but since he’s already taken lolz I continued watching. I saluted the first verse of MAMA because your recognizable voice (and face orz). If it wasn’t for my Kai-addicted cousin pointing it out that your name was Suho, I would’ve called you “saluting guy” for the next months or so.
(But my bias changed to Luhan but ugh I can’t help but to choose you again and again that’s why.. yeah lmao)
Suho. Guardian. Leader.
There is more to that though (unfortunately/fortunately for me)….
I never fail to notice - how handsome, ikemen, gwapo can you get. Answer me dude: When God showered the world with handsomeness, did you pull out a huge bathtub to catch all the handsomeness and bathed in it while the others were left with minibuckets?
(okay, enough hyperbole)
Leaders have a very special place in my head (fine, heart if you want). Maybe because I know how leaders feel. The pressure, demands, consequences and everything else. Like your equally bright smile that sets the full moon’s brightness in shame, it hides the darker side of Suho (which is probably where Kim Junmyeon is). I won’t elaborate this any longer. You deserve more love (from fans and from somebody speshul~)!!!
This also explains why I like you a lot and you never left that top 1 bias. ever (But help! Jinyoung from B1A4 wre-eckk me). And please: great things come in small packages. So don’t fuss over your height xD
the smile that can kill (figuratively) and equally spice up my day. I don’t need to elaborate further.
I never got to follow every live or every concert you guys did, but I know whenever I see you (or hear you sing your heart out), my day is brighter. And like your element, it’s making me drown in feels. (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU LEETOL LEADER, YOU)
really, it never was. aaaand you being weird and dorky just added fuel to the fire. PFFFT.
How I wish I can see you next concert here. I never got the opportunity the first time around because I wasnt able to ask my mom bc im really shy /facepalm. When I watched some fancams from the event I can’t help but keep my jaw open wide in shock. YOU. ALL. WHITE. You looked like you’re some angel descended from the heavens looking at us mere mortals.
Also…I know you love to let your dongsaengs shine, but sometimes, you gotta show them who’s the actual boss. ^^ I mean it.
Happy birthday Suho  Stay strong!!! Remember, “If we multiply the happiness by 12 and divide the sadness by 12. We can conquer eveything together” EXO SARANGHAJA!!
Continue to be like the water: Calm and equally fierce at the same time.
I don’t mind loving you a lot~
Love,From your #. fan! (soon to be lover, fiance, and finally WIFE)
B1A4 - Boys Over Flowers Parody Recap/Review/Thoughts


So, because this DVD is so…funny(?), ridiculous(?), awesome(?), whatever the adjectives may be, I feel as though I should just do this to spread what the B1A4 Boys Over Flowers Parody is and contains, which is why I’ve labeled it as a recap/review/thoughts because it’ll be a little bit of everything? 

Before we start off, let me just say that this parody is quite…something. I feel as though it’s an entirely different category of its own. Although this will be the second time that I’ll be watching this since I got the DVD (yes, I’m slow and I’ve been busy with work recently to not watch it more than once so far), sometimes I’ll just put some screencaps here just to narrate what I thought when I was watching the thing. So this thing will be filled with pictures.


And here we go :)

And let me just say that if you haven’t seen this yet, you have to watch it. It’s like one of those must watch things of B1A4. That and this game of theirs here are two must watch things from them. Gosh that game never fails to make me laugh.

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